A Veteran, whether active duty, retired or reserve,
is someone who, at some point in his/her life, wrote a blank cheque
made payable to “The Canadian Government” for an amount
of “Up to and including one’s life” — author unknown

Serving those who served...

There are many factors to consider when the time comes to enter long-term care. For most veterans in Canada that includes leaving your spouse behind

The Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care is unlike any other veterans hospital in the country. They provide care to veterans from across Canada, and are the only veterans’ facility that accepts:

  • non-serving spouses of veterans
  • non-overseas veterans
  • veterans of conflicts post Korea, and
  • peacekeepers

Residents at the Tony Stacey Centre live more comfortably because spouses aren't split up to deal with health issues. Non-combat veterans can access services they need in a facility whose mission is to provide the highest quality care to Veterans and their families